CB INTERVIEWS - with Beatrice Gigli

A series of short interviews to get to know more closely some interesting friend we had the pleasure of meeting while exploring the world of sartorial hats.

We met Beatrice Gigli, journalist, manager and founder of the communication agency Beatrice Gigli Communication and we asked her some questions.

Tell us three things we don't know about you

I don't like the dark and I sleep with a small light on.
I watch a film or TV series I like on repeat. The same goes for music.
I love to reread many books because I am nostalgic for the characters.

What are your plans for the near future?

Improving my work: the Beatrice Gigli Communication agency.

A book you are particularly passionate about and
you would recommend.

It is difficult, because there are too many I would like to recommend. But I am rereading the ones that fascinate me: I miracoli di Val Morel by Dino Buzzati and Le interviste impossibili by Giorgio Manganelli.

We are curious to know what your favourite hat is and how you would match it.

Definitely the boater hat! Or the magiostrina, as I call it. I wear it with everything: Solaro wool matching in various colours, a cotton safari jackets, wide skirts and light dresses with a straw bag and shoes, jeans and sailor-style shirts. And much more...

Thanks Beatrice for this interview. You can follow her work on instagram.