From storytelling to storydoing

Nowadays “sustainability” has become a topic you can frequently hear about but there is not a clear and shared meaning of this word.
Our concept of sustainability is based on two pillars:


Lifespan of our products:
We embrace Slow Fashion philosophy: the quality of our products and the fabrics we use make our hats long lasting items. Furthermore, the style we give to our collections has a classic appeal that never becomes out of fashion.

Environmental impact and waste:

We are a small reality and it’s hard for us to have a significant positive impact on the territory, but we are committed to do so: our suppliers - Biella’s wool mills - are all certified, with the scraps of our fabrics we make small accessories that we sell in our stores and the major part of our production is made to measure so our stock is almost null.


Relationship with the artisans:
We try to create a close relationship with all the artisans in our supply chain. We involve small realities and support Italian craftsmanship, which is handed down by generations. In this way we ensure the utmost commitment to the manufacturing and the availability to take in charge the production of one single tailor-made hat at the time.

Young talents and training:
Although hats are associated with a more mature customer, our company is made up of very young people and every month we welcome interns under 25 who constantly bring new ideas to our reality.
Furthermore, we want to invest in our young talents and this is why training is part of our everyday life.