In our love of clothing, we discovered a brand that had been lost deeply connected to us and we thought that others might feel the same.

The brand is Cappellificio Biellese, a brand started in Valle Cervo, a small valley in the north of Piemonte, all the way back in 1935. In that period hats production was very important in our small villages. We have been working through the archives to find pictures, photos and patterns.

We make hats and caps made by special fabrics and love, not just for profit.
Slowly, we will re-introduce old models and old clothes found in the archive but reinvented with a new twist.
In a world of never ending fashion cycles we would like rediscover the true value of craftmanship.


Our challenge is to find the best Italian craftmen in the art of the hat, combining them with the best fabrics in the world.

The art of the hatmaker is an ancient, noble and rare profession, which has to be handed down over time, renewing it without ever losing the milestones of this art.

To all this, we add the best fabrics in the world. We select them from far, starting from the wild Shetland Islands, collecting, on the road, the best Tweeds from UK, finally reaching our home, the Biella area,  where the most famous woolen mills in the world are located.

Finally, a costant attention to details is required to all our artisans. The inner lining, the finishing gros-grain, the stitchings  and the labels, are not accessory details for us, but an integral part of the product we want to give to our customers. Because
the most beautiful hat is the one you do not realize to wear, but that everyone notices for the elegance  and the quality of the finishings.


Enrico Acquadro | Stefano Aglietta | Alessandra Barocelli | Marco Bardelle | Alessandro Boggio Merlo | Francesco Ferraris | Filippo Fiamma | Dino Masso | Luca Murta