Cappellificio Biellese 1935 is a hat maker born almost 100 years ago in the Cervo Valley, near Biella.
His has always been a story of ups and downs, however, in 2018 it was bought by a group of young entrepreneurs under 40 who, despite the difficulties, are relaunching the brand around the world.
Today CB1935 produces hats using haute de gamme sartorial fabrics such as cashmere, flannel, vicuna, alpaca, linen and silk.

In 2021 it moved its historic headquarters where were used to be the oldest pub in Biella, keeping intact the furnishings and the British style.

Where once beers were drawn, today hats are sewn.


Our challenge is to find the best Italian craftmen in the art of the hat, combining them with the best fabrics in the world.
The art of the hatmaker is an ancient, noble and rare profession, which has to be handed down over time, renewing it without ever losing the milestones of this art.
To all this, we add the best fabrics in the world: flannels, cashmere, alpaca and vicuna as well.
Finally, a costant attention to details is required to all our artisans
This is because we think that "the most beautiful hat is the one you do not realize to wear, but that everyone notices for the elegance and the quality of the finishings."
In a world of never ending fashion cycles, we remain strongly fascinated by the true value of craftsmanship and we work to let our hats continue on this path.


We are a group of young entrepreneurs from Biella, united by a strong intent to bring forward the Italian craftsmanship in the world.

Stefano Aglietta | Alessandra Barocelli | Marco Bardelle | Alessandro Boggio Merlo | Francesco Ferraris | Filippo Fiamma | Dino Masso | Luca Murta