Easy Guide to Made to Measure experience



Our #MadetoMeasure service was born from the desire to give our customers a unique and completely customizable experience where they will be placed at the center of the creative process.

Made to Measure means that our customers will be able to design their perfect hat, by choosing twelve different models and combining their favorite fabrics, selected from the best wool mills in the world.
Furthermore, the customer has the chance to customize every detail: from the pattern of the lining to the color of the grosgrain.


1) Click in our "Made to Measure" section.


2) Model.

Choose your favorite between our 12 models and click on it!

3) Fabric.

Click on the wool mill you prefer, then choose the pattern you like the most for your hat.
Please note that some fabrics have a price charge.


4) Details.

Your hat is almost ready and it is time for final details.
 Now youu just have to design the hidden part of it: lining and grosgrain.
No one will see that with your hat on, but trust us: the devil is in the detail!

5) Size.

Do you know the circumference of your head? Great! That's the size of your cap!
Otherwise it's really easy to find it out:  use a tailor tape and measure it laying the tape just over your ears and you have your hat size.

6) Checkout.

Before to pay, please check that every choice you've made is correct.

7) Production.

Chill out and let us to produce your amazing made to measure hat
Delivery times are around 3/4 weeks.




If you have any doubts or you need suggestions, contact our customer service at info@cb1935.com or send us a message through the contact form. We are pleased to help you in the choice of your Made to Measure hat.