How to style your hat - Winter Days

Here are some inspirations on how to style a hat during Winter days, a sartorial touch to complete your look and certainly giving an extra comfort to stay warm.

The Winter season can be a rollercoaster for the weather, with the constants of cold and the challenge of a layered look.

Discover some of our classic models combined with different and interesting styles.


The Fedora styled by Ksenia Konovalova

The Fedora has always been a touch of elegance and matched with a velvet suit in warm tones, from beige to ochre, creates a luxurious and refined style. Also in this light color palette works well for both daytime and evening events. Ksenia adds colour to the Winter with elegance, wearing a silk scarf tied around her neck in the most perfect way. 

Ksenia Konovalova @kseikon Ph. Alexandru Leteanu


The Baker Boy styled by Giorgio Giangiulio

The 8 panels Peaky Blinders hat and a layered look are a great way to stay warm and stylish this winter. Start with a classic wool turtleneck, add a vintage shearling jacket and complete with pleated trousers. Last, the classy choice is a pair of white sneakers! 

Giorgio Giangiulio Ph. Andrea Menin


The County cap styled by Dennise Yeh

A County cap made from Harris Tweed is a perfect example of the classic style that this fabric embodies. This flat hat's clean lines and traditional silhouette are timeless and versatile, making it a staple in any winter wardrobe. For a great touch of sophistication, Dennise matched the hat's green shades with a light suede jacket and a grey turtleneck.

Dennise Yeh @women_in_tailoring Ph. Alexandru Leteanu


The Polly Boy

Here a great way to wear a sartorial hat in everyday looks with both elegance and a relaxed vibe. The light layering, perfect alone or matched with a wool coat: combine must have items such as a corduroy shirt and trousers, either in total color or contrasting, and complete with a pair of leather boots. John chose to play all on natural tones from beige to dark green, to match the particular brown fabric of the Polly boy.

Jonathan Jaén Carrión @johnjacar