Panama Hat is the new addition Made to Measure

The Panama hat is the new addition in our Made to Measure selection!

Expertly hand-woven from the palm-like grass Carludovica palmata, the iconic Panama is synonym of elegance, summer feelings and it's the perfect hat to customise, for the quality and finesse of every detail.

How to choose your Panama Hat:

1) Choose your favourite model: six different shapes from the classic to the most distinctive;

2) Choose the straw grade: the higher the grade, the finer the hat;

3) Choose the weave pattern: Brisa (diamond pattern) or Cuenca (herringbone pattern);

4) Choose the straw color: bleached or semi-bleached;

5) Choose the outer ribbon: plain, patterned or embroidered;

6) Choose your size: keep in mind that a correctly fitted Panama sits lightly on the head and yet feels secure to wear.


When you order a Panama hat from us, you can be sure that you are getting a high-quality product that is made to measure with the utmost care to detail and the finest techniques. Our Panama hats are delicately woven by hand with soft flexible strands of sustainably harvested natural straw in Ecuador. All this is a guarantee that our Panama are both elegant and durable.


Ready to enjoy summer in style?