CB1935 INTERVIEWS - with Eva Berni and Niccolò Cesari

CB interviews: meet EVA and NICCOLÒ

 A series of short interviews to get to know more closely some interesting friends we had the pleasure of meeting while exploring the world of sartorial hats.

We met Eva and Niccolò, a Tuscan couple who loves style and match their outfits to create color combinations that are always fashionable. They know that the hat is a key accessory to complete the perfect look.

Tell us three things we don't know about you

E.: I love hosting friends and cooking for them. I am super tidy. I don't give up jogging in the morning.

N.: I am passionate about soccer , love good food, cult movies and living near the sea.

Tell us about one of the last special projects you made

E.: I have many special projects but one in particular that I am keeping under wraps until it comes to realization.

N.: A photo shoot with a vintage Riva speedboat.

A book you are particularly passionate about and
you would recommend.

E.: The little prince...just read again with my daughter.

N.: The Old man and the Sea by Hemingway.

We are curious to know what your favourite hat is and how you would match it.

E.: I like to wear hats all in general in their shapes and colors,and wear them with jackets like the sahariana jacket.

N.: Newsboy beige hat to match with brown double-breasted jacket, open denim shirt, white cotton pants and dark brown suede loafers.



Thanks for this interview. You can follow Eva here and Niccolò here.

Ph. Lorenzo Guasti