How to measure your hat size

In order to properly choose your size for a new hat, measure your head circumference at about 1 cm over your brows and ears. Beware not to tighten too much, do not forget that wearing a hat should always be a pleasure.

If you don't have a tape measure, use a string and then measure it. If the measure falls between two sizes, we advise you to take the upper size for a better comfort.

The size in cm

For our models Made to Measure, we offer possibilities from 54 to 62 cm. 

For our models 
Prêt-à-porter, we have different sizes according to the models:

« S », « M », « L », « XL » or in cm
In this case, you can keep these matches as a reference:
S = 54 to 56 cm // M = 56 to 58 cm // L = 58 to 60 cm // XL = 60 to 62 cm // XXL = 62 to 64.

Easy fit suggestions

Speaking of classic style, the hat should stay comfortably at the center of your forehead, above your eyebrows.

The gros grain inside the hat should fit securely without feeling restrictive or leaving marks on your forehead.



Now that you've understand how to successfully determine your hat size, the next step is find your model fits you better.

Take a look at our selection of Made to Measure, where you can choose between a variety of cool shapes, excellent fabrics and original linings to create your unique hat.