The history of Dénim

The word "Dénim" or "Blues Jeans" push our imagination towards distant shores.

During the gold rush to the American Far West, denim had become the most common work garment for miners, carpenters and all those who needed a garment durable and comfortable.

However, for the true origin of the word “denim” and of “Blue Jeans” we must go even further in time. As early as 1400 the Piedmontese city of Chieri and the city of Nîmes, in the south of France, were competing in the production of a particular type of fabrics.
 It is precisely from the French town that the name “dénim” derives, which indicates the geographic origin of this fabric: canvas de Nîmes.

Even the city of Genoa is inserted in the etymological history of this extraordinary fabric: the term "blue jeans" is the Anglophone evolution of the term "bleu de Gênes", blue of Genoa. 

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Journal - Denim di martina poletti