The history of Solaro fabric

There is a fabric that is particularly suitable for Spring days or fresh Summer mornings: The Solaro.
An Italian sounding name that betrays its proud English origin. The most curious thing about this fabric is probably the reason for its creation: the Solaro has a military origin.

In the most prosperous period of European colonialism it was necessary to provide the colonial troops with fabrics that were able to inhibit the sun's rays.
Sir Louis W. Sambon, an English doctor of Italian origin, thus invented an iridescent fabric, beige on one side and reddish on the other, which was able to reflect the harmful rays of the sun.
 The discovery was so appreciated that Smith & Co. Woollens patented the fabric, maintaining this uniqueness to this day. 
Having discarded military garments, the Solaro becomed a true icon of spring / summer fabrics.The most famous Solaro suits are of the lawyer Gianni Agnelli (in the picture), a style icon of the past century.

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Journal - The Solaro di martina poletti